• Glen Raphael


    Glen Raphael is a nerd-folk performer whose songs cover such topics as quantum physics, bedbugs, gorillas, and the Statue of Liberty's mid-life crisis. His songs are funny, sweet, and touching.

    Glen has been featured on the Dr. Demento Show and has performed in many variety shows including TinyDangerousFun!, the Earworm Funny Music Project, The Kong Show, and the Bindlestiff Family Circus Variety Hour. He has won Best Original Song awards at NCSA events and has recorded two studio albums with Mark Dann.


    You should probably check out his music RIGHT NOW on BandCamp using the links below.

  • Lady Liberty


    This collection of original songs features the pun-filled "Gorilla My Dreams" (as heard on Dr. Demento), a love song with physics ("Quantum Entanglement") and a song in which the Statue of Liberty has a midlife crisis ("Lady Liberty's Pursuit of Happiness").

    Phase Transition

    Little Tiny Heads

    Glen's newest album includes an ode to bedbugs, a hymn to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, musing on ninjas, thoughts about death, and might even help you win money at blackjack. There is also a Paul & Storm cover and a brief cameo by Nicole Dieker. Cover art by Len Peralta.

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    Lady Liberty is available in digital form at AmazoniTunesGoogle Play, and Bandcamp. Or for a physical CD, try CDBaby.


    Phase Transition is available at Bandcamp.

  • Shows

    Come and see!


    Past shows:

    Arisia in Boston, MA January 13-16 2017

    1/8 GAFilk 2016 Atlanta, GA (official Interfilk guest!)
    10/25 Geek Central in Cambridge, MA (with Sarah Donner!)

    July 27 CONfluence http://www.confluence-sff.org/ Mars, PA

    6/28, 7/2, 7/3 MiniFRIDGE Festival @ the HorseTrade Theater (Manhattan)

    May 29 10pm: NY Funny Songs Festival: Sci-Fi Songs, The Creek And The Cave
    May 31: NY Funny Songs Festival: 50 Funny Songs

    April 1, 8pm: TinyDangerousFun! show at the Branded Saloon

    Apri 13, 7:30pm (Boston) post-PAX show at the Middle East Club with Sarah Donner, Adam Rivera and more (tickets)
    May 20 8pm: Comedy Variety Show, Meemo Tapas Sport, manhattan

  • Gorilla My Dreams

    Monkey puns, oh no!

    This is a song about gorillas. Or maybe it's about you. And gorillas. Performed with Nicole Dieker at the On-Air Club during the third JoCoCruiseCrazy.

    Quantum Entanglement

    Physics and love, together

    This song is based on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, a theory in which every possible universe exists.

    This was the first time it was performed on stage, at a Brooklyn variety show called TinyDangerousFun.

  • Quotes

    What "They" Say

    “Clever lyrics, singable melodies, excellent guitar skills: love this CD!” Jen Carlson Midkiff - OVFF


    “Glen's songs are unique and hilarious.” Nicole Dieker - Hello, The Future


    "Lyrics and rhymes are smart and very appealing. Simple, clear, musical, and poetic." Rebecca Brickley - Spintunes


    "Glen Raphael, is a singer/songwriter extraordinaire! His satiric folksongs are both comic and touching!" Anna Bartos - Something To Sing About In New York

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    Questions? Feedback? Send email to graphael@gmail.com or just fill out this form.